Anders Jensen-Urstad




I work as a systems developer at the National Library of Sweden.

I co-founded with Amelia Andersdotter. It’s a Swedish NGO working to promote data protection and privacy. My main project at the moment is Webbkoll, an online tool to analyze websites with regards to certain privacy-related aspects.

Photography has been my irregularly updated photo journal of sorts since 2008. It's powered by, a minimalist static photoblog generator I wrote.

I spent 2005–2006 studying photography at Kulturama in Stockholm, ran a darkroom with some friends for several years, and exhibited a couple of times.

For a while I took a whole lot of photos at gigs, and from 2005 I uploaded some of them to Wikimedia Commons, setting them free. Many of them have been in active use on Wikipedia for 10+ years now (e.g., Andrew Bird, Sonic Youth, Arcade Fire).

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