Anders Jensen-Urstad

Greetings! I’m Anders. I do web development and think about data protection.

Contact info

Things I’m doing at the moment

I co-founded with Amelia Andersdotter. It’s a Swedish NGO working to promote data protection and privacy. Some ongoing projects I’m in charge of:

I also do all the technical stuff for Världsbiblioteket, a small library in Stockholm, Sweden focused on non-Western literature.


I spent 2005–2006 studying photography at Kulturama in Stockholm, ran a darkroom with some friends for several years, and exhibited a couple of times. But I never got around to setting up a proper website for my pictures.

I’ve posted photos irregularly to since 2008; it’s my personal photo journal, of sorts.

For a while I took a whole lot of photos at gigs, and from 2005 I uploaded some of them to Wikimedia Commons, setting them free. Many of them have been in active use on Wikipedia for 10+ years now (e.g., Andrew Bird, Sonic Youth, Arcade Fire).

Notes & articles




Circa 1999–2006 I ran a succession of news/article/forum websites:, and, which finally became, which became a wiki in its final form. There’s a static copy from 2006.

2000–2010 I was system administrator for FragZone, later just, Sweden’s oldest and biggest gaming site (still alive and kicking after 20 years). I was also contributing editor during a few periods.

During my time as a professional pirate in the European Parliament I was head organizer of European Internet Governance and Beyond on March 20–21 2014, a conference held inside the parliament in Brussels, where I had the great fortune of being able to invite a ton of incredible people; check out the videos.