Anders Jensen-Urstad

Screenshots from developers: 2002 vs. 2015

Same people, 13 years later.

Screenshots from developers & Unix people (2002)

What did people's desktops look like?

Interview with Dennis Ritchie (2003)

dmr: I'm not a person who particularly had heroes when growing up.


En djupdykning ner i tangentbordens värld.

WordPress plugin: Noreferrer

Don't tell others about your visitors.

Standalone power management in Linux

Handling suspend/resume, brightness and other things outside a normal desktop environment.

Updating nodes programmatically in Drupal 7

How to delete field data and attachments, manage revisions, etc.

Guide to programmatic node creation in Drupal 7

How to create basic nodes and set various fields.

OpenBSD 4.8 on a Thinkpad X61s

Yes, OpenBSD on a laptop can be just fine.

Editing H.264 video in Linux

Transcoding and editing.